A brief glimpse.

My phone makes a special sound. 

I smile.


Within 24/48 Hours.

I read your order. I print your order. I print your shipping label. I affix said label to mailer. I add your items to my "to do" list. I continue making jewelry, including the pieces you have just ordered. I box up the pieces specifically made for you. I write you a quick note. I put your order in mailer. I put your order in a pile on the bench by the front door. I take said pile to the post office.

I smile.


Your willingness to choose to shop with me allows me to live my authentic life! On a more practicul level it allows me to pay the rent, buy food, etc etc. It allows me to take care of my teenage daughter and shuffle my day around to be able to go to her games, plays, events and just spend valuable time together.  It allows me to be able to volunteer to teach Art in Action at the middle school, or go for a run in the middle of the day if I can no longer resist the call of the trails :).

I am so filled with gratitude for you and how you help shape my life and the life of my daughter.

Thank you!